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Dancing, laughter, and set changes. I was super lucky enough to win a trip (yup, win a trip for FREE) to LA to see The Late Late Show with James Corden for the Harry Styles take over. It looks like a clean run through on screen, but in reality, I got the behind the scenes scoop in-between takes.

Now if you’re a fan of Harry Styles, you know that James Corden is the KING in bringing Directioners the quality content they deserve. The friendship with Harry and James was undeniable.

It all started with Harry performing his new song, “Carolina” from his debut self titled solo album. The crowd pumper certainly didn’t need to tell us twice to keep the energy up for the performance. When Harry was tuning his guitar, he was welcomed with “I love you” and “Hi Harry” comments and waves from the fans.

Next, they changed the set around for Harry to perform “Two Ghosts” that would be shown the next day on the show.  He performed it three times to perfect it for television. In between takes, Lou (his stylist and makeup artist) would come and touch up his face (including his killer jawline).

Harry and James kept giving each other “looks” and would dance on the spot mocking each other. Harry even did the traditional “pull the rope” dance move to James and he hopped right over. They did a segment to introduce Harry as the musical guest for the Wednesday night show. After that, James said Harry was done for the day.

But we were in for a good surprise. Next up to film was the opening monologue. Reggie introduced James, but instead, Harry popped up behind the curtains. He KILLED the monologue complete with bad puns and playing with the crowd. At the end, he had to film a juggling scene twice because the first time he dropped the apples and they went FLYING. Maybe his special talent isn’t juggling after all… stick with music Harold.

The last time I saw Harry Styles was when he was performing with One Direction in Toronto. I’m normally used to fans crying and trying to attack him. But everyone was so lowkey and respectful of him. It was great to see the welcoming atmosphere and he definitely felt more relaxed.

To top the show off, I high-fived the KING himself, James Corden. Successful day I must add. Still in shock how I kept myself together.

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