Halsey Concert VLOG

Halsey hit up Echo Beach in Toronto on August 3rd for her Badlands Tour, and hardcore fans were left in tears of happiness.  It was her second show in Toronto since 2015, and she left it memorable with all the highlights:


Sounding the exact same to her studio version, she blew the crowd away with her powerful pipes throughout the entire set list.  With an electro-pop sound, the indie singer incorporated scandalised dance moves while never missing a beat.

Halsey: “Ghost” (TORONTO)

       2. SETLIST

Covering most of her songs on her debut album “Badlands”, she opened with “Gasoline” complete with the red aesthetic of the stage and fog to start off the show.  She sang her hit, “New Americana”, and sang “Ghost” lying down on stage.  She had a variety of different backgrounds for each song making it aesthetically appealing. She closed off her show singing her new single “Colours”.

unnamed (1)


What’s a concert without Canadian references?  However, this wasn’t exactly a warm welcoming to our country’s talent. Halsey threw shade at Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber, over their duet off a song from Bieber’s “Purpose” album in 2015.  After singing their song “The Feeling”, Halsey said to the crowd, “You guys tell Justin I did that song and made it my b**** “. Ouch!

Halsey: “The Feeling” (TORONTO)



She mentioned that the venue sold more tickets than it was supposed to hold.  At one point, she was inside the crowd serenading fans.  They overpowered the volume of her own mic, singing along to every word.

Fans singing along to “Ghost”


          5. LOVE IS LOVE

Halsey is an advocate for the LGBTQ community and showed that throughout her show.  She dedicated her set to anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. She added a “Send Love” background included with the pride parade as she sang her hit “New Americana.”  She mentioned the time she performed after the devastating shooting of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub, and said “I just want to take a second to let you guys know just how important it is to me that you are comfortable being yourselves.”


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