Greyhounds are the fastest, but the laziest dogs on the planet.  They sprint for 30 seconds and then curl up on your couch for the majority of the day rolling over for belly rubs and the occasional walk or two.


When my boyfriend said he wanted a dog, l was expecting a big ol’ lab, or a German Shepherd. Little did I know that he would rescue a Greyhound.  Googling the internet, we found Camp Greyhound which is a non-profit organization in Orillia that brings retired racing greyhounds into Canada and adopts them out to loving families.  The founder started up “CGAP” in 2017 and has adopted out 71 greyhounds since then.


DID YOU KNOW?  Greyhounds are the second fastest animals on earth?  Only the cheetah is faster.


But WHY a Greyhound??? It’s not the first breed you normally think of when you’re planning to adopt.  Here are 3 reasons why Greyhounds are the perfect pooch for your household:


1. “Teaching a Dog to Become a Dog”


Greyhounds that are bred for racing have a job.  That job is to become the best athlete that they can be, so the owners can win BANK.  After they’ve done their part, and come to their retirement, they are ready to find a loving forever home.  Of course, there are some stories where they are treated poorly, but that’s where organizations like Camp Greyhound step in and go out of their way to find them loving forever homes.


These dogs don’t understand what toys and treats are, and they look at other dog breeds like they are aliens. They have no socialization skills outside of their greyhound posse, so that’s where you step in. Teach them to beg.  Teach them to chew on toys (and not the slippers or the TV remote).  Teach them tricks. Give them the life that the goofy Golden Retriever next door has.  When that lightbulb goes on in their heads after being taught something, it is so rewarding.


2. Laziest Couch Potato



Because they are so big, you might think greyhounds are only country dogs. WRONG. They are perfect apartment dogs because they don’t need much exercise, and moving requires WAY too much energy.   All they want to do is sleep.  They provide great cuddles, but only if you have a California King sized bed because they take up to 100% of your leg room.  Oh, and make sure their hind end is facing the other way.  Greyhounds are notorious for “relaxing” and passing gas. Ask anyone who owns a greyhound, and they will warn you that they will blow you away (hopefully not literally).


3. Awkward, Goofy, but the Fastest on the Track



It truly is breathtaking to see a greyhound run. The way they contract and then extend every single muscle to cover ground is like watching an episode of Planet Earth.  Want to show up your annoying neighbor at the dog park?  Get a greyhound.  Guaranteed, he will beat every single dog at the dog park (and win the hearts of everyone there).  And these dogs, aren’t like those cocky athletic dudes on the track team back in high school.  You know the tall, lanky, skinny guy from high school that wore jogging shorts and bragged about winning first place?  They are also that loyal friend that wants to please everyone.  A little socially awkward and does everything the hard way, but will always be your best friend.


DID YOU KNOW: Greyhounds have a universal blood type and are used for blood donors



Meet our Gumbo.  A “longboy” who raced in the southern states for 3 years of his life.  He won 8 out of 71 races until he found a forever home with my boyfriend and I.  He learns more and more every day (currently he’s discovered that we have food on the counter), and is always there to make me laugh. The other day, he jumped into my car and sat in the front seat like he was driving.  He then panicked because he didn’t know how to jump down. The idea was there, but the physicality was not.   Most Greyhounds are physically unable to sit.  Gumbo lies down everywhere; on the floor, on the bed and he will even curl his big body up into an armchair.

Our Gumbo will forever be skinny.  His ribs and hip bones stick out. His tail is whip thin and his legs have no meat on them.  That’s the way he is built and will always be.

I would definitely recommend a greyhound as your new “fur baby.”  Check out some available pups for adoption HERE, and take a peek at more interesting Greyhound facts HERE


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