I was sitting in class falling asleep to my teacher talking about a war documentary.  I was anxious from boredom. All of a sudden, my phone goes off in the middle of class. It says “Birth Giver.” My mom knew I had class, so the first the first thing that went through my mind was, “Oh no. What did I do now?” I walked out of class scared to answer my phone. She said “HELLO?” in a panicked voice and my heart started beating out of my chest. I instantly started thinking about the worst possible things. *PANIC PANIC PANIC*. Except her voice went calm. And she said some words that I didn’t believe my ears. I was speechless. Paralyzed. Had a loss for words. All from one little sentence.

“We are flying to LA to see Harry Styles on James Corden.”


“Haha yeah right,” I said relieved that I wasn’t in trouble.

Until it hit me. I was seeing, the one, the only, the KINGS OF ENGLAND; Harry Styles and James Corden.



The next couple of days featured me staring at the calendar waiting to fly to the “City of Stars”

I was anxious to go on the plane. It was my first time ever flying and stupid me decided to watch “Mayday” a couple days before. Stuffing my face full of Skittles, and listening to Harry Styles new album made my anxious butterflies disappear in the clouds (literally).

For someone who didn’t get the opportunity to travel as a kid, this was a trip of a lifetime. I mean, I live near Toronto and I haven’t even been to Niagara Falls for crying out loud! Since I’m a broke college student, having a FREE trip made it 1000 times better!  Here is a highlight of my trip to CALIFORNIAAAAAAAAAAAA (Yes, I totally sang the theme song for The O.C when I typed that out)

“We’re never coming back down. We’re looking down on the clouds”

DAY 1:

The first thing I noticed was palm trees when we landed. That’s when it became real.

TIP #1: ALWAYS take Uber. We took a taxi from LAX to Burbank and it cost us over $100. Plus, we met the coolest Uber drivers in LA. Toronto Uber drivers need to step up their game.

Warner Bros Studio Tour

Andaz West Hollywood Hotel

Former hotel for legendary rockers including The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, KISS, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Whitney Houston, and The Who. We felt like true rock star’s staying in a fancy hotel on Sunset Blvd.

Day 2:

LA City Tour

Hollywood Sign

If you look REALLY closely, it actually says “Far Far Away”

The Late Late Show with James Corden

(See my separate post with behind the scenes scoop HERE)

DAY 3:

Admiring LA’s beauty!

As soon as we walked into LAX, I saw Idina Menzel! (“Rent”, “Frozen” and “Glee”)

In only three days, we packed a lifetime of memories and adventures together. I caught the travelling bug and would love to go to other places to explore the beauty of the world.  HUGE shoutout to Etalk and Sony Music Canada for this amazing trip! Sounds cliché, but I totally felt like I was being swallowed up in the LA lifestyle and I was loving every minute of it.

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