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Now If you’re like me, I have to choose wisely on how many concerts I attend or else my wallet screams at me. But let’s be real, isn’t everyone like that? So I asked myself, “How can I attend a music festival for free?” Do I spend hours upon hours trying to win tickets? Or do I lowkey risk breaking the law and try to sneak in?


Not only do you get to enjoy live music, you can meet new friends and even network yourself if you’re looking for a career path related. Here are some perks I’ve discovered by volunteering at “Field Trip” in Toronto.


Who wouldn’t want to enjoy live music for free? By volunteering, you can listen all day. Pick a job that you know is close to the stage. Maybe you’ll be able to see the performances as well. I volunteered in the “VIP Viewing Area”. I was helping out but I also got to enjoy the show as I was working. I could sing and dance to my heart desire, and met a lot of cool people in the area.


Freedom? Let me explain. Depends on the music festival, but a lot of the time is that if you volunteer, you get a free pass in which you can come before or after your shift to enjoy the music. If your supervisor is cool, they might also let you leave for a couple minutes to catch a song during your shift. BONUS!!!


People watching is always so much fun. The outfits, the dancing, and the friendships are always highlights at music festivals. By volunteering, you talk to a lot of people to answer their questions and meet others with your musical interests. Make friends with your volunteer team as well!


If you want a carrier related to media, event planning, music, etc, it’s a perfect opportunity to gain experience and have something for your resume. It doesn’t even feel like work when you’re doing something you’re very passionate about.


It’s so rewarding helping people out at the shows and knowing you are helping to make their experience even better. Walking around with your official uniform, lanyard, or wristband makes you feel really important and top notch.


Field Trip sign

All in all, my experience with volunteering for Field Trip was 10/10. When I wasn’t on shift, I got to walk around and enjoy a bunch of live music. Here’s some highlights:





Fort York Stage


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