By far, this was one of my favourite concerts that I’ve ever been to.  The overall vibe from the crowd felt so welcoming and everyone was having a great time (without being stupid) with their friends.  Here’s the highlights from the show:

Date: June 3rd 2019
Venue: Budweiser Stage




Pretty much every single song they played, was fan favourites.  They played their old songs like “Chocolate” and “Sex”, but they also played hits from their new album as well which made me appreciate the songs even more.  Whenever I listen to their new album, I always zone out when “I Like America and America Likes Me” comes on.  BUT now, after seeing how they performed the song live with giant karaoke, tons of flashing lights, graphics screaming “Equal Rights for All!”, it gives me goosebumps.  There is something about hearing music live and everything changes (hopefully for the better).  Check out a couple of clips here:







“Stage Porn.”  That’s the best way to describe the entire concert.  The 1975 have been known for their eccentric setups and man, they did not disappoint. From bright colours, to an actual treadmill on stage, they both coexisted to create a story and used visuals to express their views on different issues they believe in.  They used their designs to raise awareness of the issues they are passionate about.  Check out some examples below:



ALSO, I HAVE to mention the two backup dancers/singers because they used simple choreography to portray such a fun and positive vibe.




Speaking of awareness, I made an effort to record Matt Healy’s (lead singer) rants because it’s something that creates a conversation.  Not only is their music thought provoking, he challenges the audience about talking about touchy subjects that most artists would be scared to talk about.  My favourite rant was about the controversy with their old music video for “Robbers”.  It’s a fan favourite (it’s my ultimate favourite song ever to exist on this earth), but the music video includes a couple walking into a convenience store, and “robbing” it at gunpoint (Watch the video here if you’ve never seen it before).  Matt Healy explains his regret for the video (which was made in 2013) because he’s an avid supporter of gun control and during his speech, he recognized that the world is evolving and wanted to raise awareness for issues that he is passionate about.  Watch the full video here:




Now, if you haven’t heard or listened to the 1975, I highlight suggest checking them out.  I made a Spotify playlist of my all-time favourite songs from them, but I highly recommend checking out all of their albums… including their early EPS.  Sit down, relax and take in the lyrics and interrupt what you want from them.  Let me know in the comments which one is your ultimate favourite.


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