Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Prince HarryCan you believe that about 20,000 lucky youth were in the presence of a real royal himself? Prince Harry surprised the audience at the Air Canada Centre when he was in town for the Invictus Games in Toronto, encouraging “a new generation of leadership”. He touched on the power of optimism, caring for the environment, and complementing the new generation for all their hard work in today’s world. After his speech, Craig Kielburger (one of the founders of WE) came out on stage giving him a massive hug. Check out some of the highlights here:

“We are stronger when we work together. We are happier when we work in the service of others. We succeed when we have purpose in our lives.”

“You often struggle to get your voices heard. I know that YOU, more than any previous generation care deeply about the health and sustainability of the planet YOU’RE going to inherit. And I see that you’re frustrated that entrenched mindsets are not keeping pace with the urgency of the threats to our environment. But today you are all saying NO to pessimism and cynicism.”

Marc and Craig Kielburger





The two brothers and founders of the We Movement were welcomed with high-fives from youth as they walked to the stage.

“There are two choices on how to live our lives. We can choose apathy, (like walking past that homeless person on the streets) or we can engage with the world.”




Superwoman Lilly Singh


Superwoman Lilly Singh spread #GirlLove to the We Day stage by empowering youth to end girl on girl hate. She explains that “It looks like a simple hashtag, but it’s actually a world changing philosophy.”

“Girl Love is all about ending the cycle of girl on girl hate and encouraging girls to empower one another because women who build each other up, are also building the entire world up. Empowered women means better living conditions for everyone. So we have to come together.”

She also encourages the boys, educators, and parents to “make girl love a reality and empower all women.” Last year at We Day, she launched her own Rafiki to support girls overseas. The sales helped send 600 girls to primary school.

Her speech gave me full on goosebumps. I was yelling “QUEEN” the entire time.

Crystal and Celeste Ceres

These two sisters noticed that that there was a need for food education amongst youth. So they founded “Sacraspice”, which is a charity that provides cooking workshops to empower and educate youth in Toronto to make healthier food choices.

During their speech, something stuck with me. They talked about how scared they were to create a charity with fear and anxiety getting in the way. But they questioned the crowd that if anxiety and fear wasn’t a factor, what is your biggest dream? I paused and thought about all the stuff I’ve wanted to do in my life so far that I’ve put aside thinking it was too hard or “impossible.” But in reality, it is the fear and anxiety that is stopping you from reaching your goals. They mentioned how they pushed away that fear and anxiety and conquered through it. Since then they’ve given back to the community in so many ways, including motivating so many youths by speaking out on the We Day stage.

Kelly Clarkson

Okay, maybe it wasn’t inspirational quotes but Kelly Clarkson had us LOLing the entire time in-between her songs and speeches. She was wearing very high heels, so she got the crowd to promise that if she fell, we would laugh instead of feeling bad for her. Her humble attitude had the teachers laughing in the audience about her spandex keeping it all in.

“Ladies, enjoy your figure right now, because it’s changing…”

But then she belted out her hit song “Stronger”, turning the laughs into background vocals.

We Day stage We Day stage

For more coverage of We Day Toronto and how to get involved with the We Movement, check out the website here:

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