flags and stage

I’m just going to apologize now for how long my Snapchat and Instagram stories were because I was listening to live music for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT. Is this what heaven looks like? I think so.

It was probably the best weekend of my life. Live music. Greasy food. Camping with friends? COUNT ME IN. Wayhome took place at Burl’s Creek in Oro Medonte from July 28th to 30th.  Check out my highlights from the weekend here:


Definitely had to change my Instagram theme after this weekend. Going to an entertainment event with my media friends, we had a great time getting the best angels with all the art around the campground. From random artwork, to the Wayhome flags, the scene was beautiful.


So many people were embracing their inner Coachella with their festival fashion. In the VIP area, they even had a beauty bar where you could get your hair and makeup done. Glitter was EVERYWHERE. TopShop had an interactive booth with different rooms with different aesthetics. One room was 90’s themed and I felt like I was in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Another room was decked out with vintage flower patterns and another was full of funky mirrors that you could see yourself from all different angles.


The beautiful thing about music festivals is discovering new artists. After this weekend, I added so many bands and performers to my Spotify playlist. I also saw some of my favourites like Banks, Imagine Dragons, Cage The Elephant, PUP, and Allan Rayman. Check out the highlights from some of the performers:

For the past two years, they’ve announced the dates for the following year on the last day of the festival. This year they stayed quiet so people were questioning if it will return. The numbers were down with only 15,000 people attending compared the first year with 35,000 people, and the second year bringing in 40,000. Let’s hope it comes back because I know I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

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